Monday, August 24, 2009

Last Week....

was one of the coolest weeks I have ever had in ministry. Three conversations really come to my mind.
  • My college roomate, Jeremy Self, attended our service on Aug. 16th. At lunch he asked me, "what would you say your greatest joy is right now with the church". I responded by telling him that it was simply cool to see God bringing to life the dream that he put in our hearts. We are finally begining to attract folks that have never felt at home in church. There are so many pastors out there that have to fight to get anything done in their churches. Catalyst folks are a different breed, they just go with the flow, and seem genuinely grateful for the energy given to make it what it is.
  • Had a cool visit with a dude that has only been attending for a month or so. Unfortunately, it was in a hospital room, but it was great to share a bit of the Catalyst story and hear a bit of his family's story. He had basically told his wife that she had one more shot at finding a church for them. That last shot was Catalyst. His wife had been teaching their boys Bible lessons every Sunday in their home. So cool that the whole family loves coming to Catalyst and feels at home here.
  • Sprang and I met with another newish attender one evening this past week. Her day job is to create advertising products for some major Dallas media outlets. Not sell advertising, but create new products. How cool is that? She wanted to meet with us to see how we advertise, how effective it is, and how we track it. She also asked us a bunch of questions that we didn't have solid answers for. I told Sprang later that the key to getting better results is to ask better questions. She is going to analyze our web statistics and create a few options to help us be maximize our presence on the web. It just blows me away that we have folks that are so ready to use their talents and passions to help Catalyst be the best it can be.
I seriously can't imagine being anywhere else doing anything else. I love watching what God is up to in the lives of folks who call Catalyst home...

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