Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sunday Recap...

  • Great Day at Catalyst
  • Lots of new faces.
  • We had a total of 27 kids 5th grade and under signed in. That is nearly 30% of our attendance.
  • Now I don't feel so crazy about emphasizing the need for a top shelf kid's area when we were only running 8 a few months ago.
  • Music was solid. Really digging the song "All I Need"
  • The song "Never Let Go" really resonates with our people. We sing like crazy on that song. It is funny because it is not one of my favorites. It does not grab me like some of the other songs we sing.
  • I am glad we don't pick music based on what we (Sprang and I) "like" or "don't like" as it is not about us and our favorite songs. That is why we sing all kinds of different music.
  • The sermon seemed to connect. It has been a lot of fun plodding through Psalm 23. What a great passage. I said at the beginning of the series that this particular passage is read at funerals all the time, but it really a passage that is more about living than dying.
  • I think I like eating lunch with friends after church almost as much as church itself. Nothing wrong with that. If you ever want to wait about 45 minutes after church is over, a bunch of us hit up a local restaurant and everyone is welcome, you just gotta wait a while for the "late crew" to vacate the premesis.
  • I realize I never see Catalyst where it is, but where it is going. I never saw us as a church of 40 or 50, but as a church of 100+. It is not like I am in denial of our current state, just looking toward the future.
  • Now I am planning and dreaming for when we will be 250-300. I am not putting the cart before the horse, but planning for God to continue moving in our community.
  • We need to have the infrastructure in place to accomodate future growth.
  • We had 5 free parking spaces this Sunday and more than 7 cars parked off-site, so we are beyond 100% in parking capacity.
  • Please consider parking across Princeton on one of the side streets if you do not have small children.
  • If anybody knows a concrete person that is looking to donate some additional parking to a church, let me know :).
  • A little late getting this thing posted but I guess it is better late than never...

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