Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sunday Recap...

  • Incredible Day at Catalyst.
  • 139 attended. That is our highest attendance since our launch on Easter. The 100 barrier is a big deal and we have blown through it during the SUMMER.
  • Music was sweet, anytime you play AC/DC and U2 in the same service, things are gonna rock.
  • Sprang even programmed a guitar hero guitar and led from it for one of the songs, the kids completely dug it.
  • The intro video of Dr. Feinstein returning from vacation was brilliant. 5 minutes of non stop laughs. Mucho thanks to Sprang and the Prof. for making that happen.
  • Lots of people asked if I was really frustrated during the teaching with my ADD afflicted scientist helper. The answer is NO, we had actually rehearsed it and knew that I would get to wrap things up nicely at the end. I may have overplayed the frustrated part. Will have to keep that in mind.
  • Dr. Feinstein had a nasty lump on his shin from crashing the tricycle into the stage. It looked like an egg had been inserted under his shin skin.
  • It was great for the parents to see the quality stuff our kids are seeing every week back in the lab. Dr. Feinstein is one of our own (we will keep his identity hidden for the sake of the kids). He is one of the most naturally gifted people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Love that he is letting God use him in the life of our children.
  • The church picnic was killer. I am sure we had nearly 100 show up. The brisket was great.
  • Thanks to Juan Rosado for taking care of the slaw.
  • Thanks to Tim Moriarty Jr., son of Tim and Pam Moriarty, for donating the Coldstone Ice-cream.
  • Speacial thanks to my neighbors who cooked all the food and would not take a dime for doing it. Absolutely love the people God has placed in our lives in the form of neighbors.
  • Chris and Shari Callahan did a great job providing games for the kids to play. The kids even got some trinkets to take home with them. Thank you Chris and Shari.
  • Our folks don't seem to mind paying for a church lunch. In fact most probably spend less than they would if we did a potluck.
  • Love that even the meal was simple, just like Catalyst. Meat, beans, slaw, roll, drink. Simpler really can be better...
  • Ended the day by riding mountain bikes. Thought it was going to be great as I finally conquered my greatest fear out there, crossing a creek at the bottom of a steep downhill. I did it, but flatted my tire. FIxed the tire and then flatted again about 5 minutes later and had to push the bike over a mile back to the parking lot, and got some nasty poison ivy in the process.
  • Overall, a great day.
  • Oh yeah, the t-shirts were great too. Sprang has outdone himself again.

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