Monday, September 28, 2009

Sunday Recap...

  • Great Day at Catalyst!
  • Music was great, we opened with a Beatles song, pretty sweet!
  • Dave Ramsey nailed it.
  • Only downer was that there were a lot of people out sick that did not get to see the message.
  • A cool thing is that if you were gone you can watch @
  • I hope people will sign up for Financial Peace University, it will make a huge difference in their lives.
The most meaningful part of yesterday occured about 15 minutes prior to the service. I was in the kitchen area when I saw a guy entering the church very slowly with the help of a cane. He looked vaugely familiar and walked straight up to me and asked, "Do you remember me?"

At that point, I did, he was our electrical contractor from the construction of the building. He was about 30 lbs lighter and moving much much slower than the last time I saw him. Just months ago he was moving around as good as anyone else and aside from being a smoker appeared to be healthy as a horse. He was great to work with, always kind and going the extra mile for us. He worked closely with Jonathan through the construction process and they got to know each other a bit.

He asked if we could sit down for a minute, so we went into the office area where he explained to me that shortly after finishing our job he began to feel ill and went to the doctor. He was diagnosed with cancer, had been in the hospital, just received radiation and was fighting.

He told me that before building our church, he had not been inside one for 25 years. He woke up yesterday and felt like he needed to come and request prayer. I can't even fathom the strength it took to get to Catalyst... but God put it on his heart to be there and he came. Wow! What a God we serve.

I prayed with him, got his number and plan to call him this week. He is moving out to Canton to live with his parents during this ordeal, and is fearful of losing his electrical business.

If you would pray for Pat, it would mean the world to him and me as well.

  • Not the usual Sunday recap, but it wasn't a usual Sunday.

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