Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sunday Recap...

  • Great Day at Catalyst.
  • The worship during these weeks of Advent have been incredible. The Sprang and the gang have done a bang up job each week. It is great to be able to sing the basic melodies of the songs, while they are being done "Catalyst" style.
  • It was great to see new faces. It is hard to imagine that we are continuing to grow and see new guests nearly every week at Catalyst even though there is nasty construction at the entrance to the facility.
  • It seems like we have a ton of kids each week. I can't tell you how much joy that gives me. I remember telling our folks (when there was only 14 of us) that we had to do our kids areas well. If we miss the kids, we miss the community. I was saying this stuff when the only kids in the church were my two little ones.
  • Our kids area volunteers obviously do an outstanding job with all our kids (birth- 5th grade) because kids can't wait to get in the building each week.
  • Felt good about the sermon this week. Talked about the "fruits" of a repentant life.
  • Love when we have time to reflect on what we hear. I am going to build that into our services on a regular basis. Too often, I preach so long that we only have time for a prayer, a song, and a pat on the butt on the way out the door.
  • Love the Sunday's when we receive communion. It is always meaningful.
  • I was told by someone who did not grow up in church that they like Catalyst because we teach in a down to earth, understandable way. Completely made my day.
  • Went to a C-group Christmas Party and had an absolute blast.
  • Gotta do some re-vamping on the teen stuff. Our numbers are dwindling and a lot of it has to do with me not putting enough effort into it. We will hit it hard after the new year.

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