Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wallet Saga...(Funny thing about prepositions)

I have a love/hate relationship with my wallet. I mostly just hate it. I have so much crap in there that it I can't really sit down with it in my back pocket because it causes me to sit crookedly. So I take it out and set it in various places and I waste a lot of time looking for it. My daughter, Addy, even hid it under her stool one time to keep her brother from getting it. It was gone for three days that time.

(Current Story)
I rode with Jonathan Sprang to OKC on Thursday of last week to meet with some folks up there. On the way home we stopped at a trashy little gas station and I grabbed my wallet to get some drinks and a snack or two. Shoved it in my pocket and got back in the vehicle. Never touched it again until we got home.

Went in the house and put all my crap down on the counter. Woke up the next morning to gather my three essentials (Keys, Wallet, Cellphone). I was so sure my wallet was in my backpack that I didn't even look, I just threw it in the car and drove to Chiloso for a breakfast taco. Got there and realized I didn't have it.

Realized I must have left it in Sprang's car, so I drove by his house and looked for myself. His car was unlocked so I just helped myself. It was no where to be found. I went home and turned my house upside down, interrogated my four year old to see if she was up to old tricks, and concluded that it was Jonathan's fault because he left his car unlocked and it had been stolen by his neighborhood hooligans.

I kept checking my online banking to see if there was any suspicious activity on the account and continued grieving because for the first time in a year or more I actually had a bit of cash in the wallet, around $65. I put a hold on all my cards, hoping it would turn up. I was going to cancel everything on Monday and pray that there wasn't an Eastern European mobster opening lines of credit as Levi Lowry.

I had all but given up when I get a call from Sprang on Saturday night. He had gone to a movie after driving a hundred miles or more since our trip on Thursday. After the move he noticed a note on his van saying, "I have your wallet". This made no sense because the wallet was not in his van. I knew that fact as I had searched no less than three times on Friday.

He texted the dude and about 2 hours later he called back and confirmed that he did indeed have my wallet. I met him at the theater at midnight and he returned my wallet. He had actually found it on Jonathan's van. The parking lot was terraced so when he pulled in, his headlights shone on top of Sprang's van and he noticed my wallet lodged in the crossbeam of the luggage rack. He returned it with every dollar, receipt, debit card, etc.. untouched. I gave him $20 for his honesty and hit the road with the wallet sitting in my car.

It is amazing the difference a preposition can make. It was not in Jonathan's van, but was on it. I had been so close, so many times, but the wallet alluded me.

It shall allude me no longer, I went to Ross and bought a new one yesterday. The old faithful has escaped me for the last time...

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