Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Recap...

  • Woke up this morning to 4" of snow that nobody was expecting
  • Nearly had a heart attack when I opened the door and saw the snow.
  • Called a couple of pastor buddies to see if they were canceling church. They didn't cancel so I would have felt like a wuss if we did.
  • Sent out an email, Twitter, and Facebook message to all our followers letting them know we would have services.
  • Expected that nobody would brave the snow for church.
  • I was completely blown away at how many people showed up for church this morning. 112 peeps braved the slick roads to worship together this morning at Catalyst.
  • We actually had more than we did last week when the weather was beautiful.
  • It hit me that people come to Catalyst because they LOVE being there.
  • It hit me that people come expecting to have an experience with God.
  • It hit me that it is bad to the bone to pastor a church where people love God and neighbor, love their church, and arrive each Sunday expecting to have an encounter with God.
  • Loved that my neighbor and fellow pastor from Heritage Church of Christ came and worshiped at Catalyst when their elders decided to cancel services this morning.
  • The music was a lot of fun with three guitars, a bass, and drums this morning. It seemed a bit louder than usual, but maybe I am just getting old.
  • Felt good about the sermon. It was not as "heavy" as some of the sermons have been over the last few weeks. It was different, but I felt good about it.
  • Had some new friends over for lunch and had a blast. If the phrase, "that's what she said" was said once, it was said fifteen times. Good times over the best spaghetti in Dallas County.
  • Had teens over tonight and had fun hanging with them.
  • Gonna hit the hay as I get to make a rare visit to a hospital for a surgery in the morning.

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