Monday, May 3, 2010

Sunday Recap...

Ok, so H has been giving me crap about how her blog is getting more traffic than mine and making sure that she knows I have not been blogging. Here goes.
  • Both services were great.
  • Saw a ton of new faces today. I think we had three or four first time families. This just blows my mind.
  • We have a few things in the works that are going to take Catalyst to another level.
  • Can't let the cat out of the bag for now, but our families with kids will know it when it hits.
  • Music rocked as usual. I think we take that for granted at times. We are blessed to have the musicians we have.
  • Loved the transition between the first two songs. Very nice.
  • I am listening the service online as I type and can hear YOU, Catalyst singing. It is beautiful. So many churches are filled with people listening to the band. Not at Catalyst.
  • Sermon felt solid. I am a bit stuck on the pattern we saw last week in the "sheep" passage. Christ basically says that His sheep listen to him, He knows them, and they follow him.
  • Because of the resurrection we believe God is alive and still speaking to us.
  • We looked at the "foot washing" passage this week and God's idea of greatness compared to the ideas of the world.
  • I was honest about some shortcomings in my life.
  • I struggle with this at times. I never want the sermon to center around me, good or bad. I don't think it came off that way.
  • I want folks to see that God is still in the business of changing us, no matter how long we have been in relationship with Him.
  • The old school thought is that preachers have to be careful about sharing failures for fear of not measuring up to folks ideas of who we are or how we live.
  • I tend to buck that system. I feel that when we share about the times we get it right more than our failures, we do a couple of things.
  1. We put ourselves on a pedastal and when people realize we are human they become disillusioned. I try to take myself off of any pedestal people may try to put me on.
  2. We only allow people to see the "good" side of us and our people begin to think something is wrong with them because the pastor is always talking about how he/she gets it right.
  • The honesty may bite me in the butt someday. I guess it is a risk I am willing to take. I would rather be real and take the heat than fake and have people I live a life I don't.
  • Very cool to see people respond with the cards we gave out.
  • Also cool to know that some people have already experienced transformation in the area of serving others.
Post Church-
  • Enjoyed lunch with a bunch of friends at Burger Island. Even "checked in" with the Foursquare app on my new phone.
  • Actually handed the server my plate with most of the tater tots still on it. This never happens. Trying to watch my figure.
  • Went for a trail ride (mtn bike) with my buddy Blain. I can't tell you how awesome this is for me. The ride is great but God has given me one of the truest friends I have ever had in Blain.
  • We always stop at Quik Trip on the way home for a cold beverage (not THAT kind), it is a tradition we have.
  • Heather is great at understanding that Sunday afternoon is a time I need to recharge my batteries. Instead of sleeping, I choose to ride my bike. Very thankful that she gives me this time every week that it is not raining.
  • Had a great time hanging with the teens. Several new faces and we split the guys and girls up for discussion this week. Worked out great.
  • Long and tiring day but very encouraging as well.

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