Monday, June 21, 2010

Sunday Recap...

We are in the middle of a four week series called "One Prayer". It is a series when thousands of churches focus on the same series. pastor, Craig Groshel dreamed up the concept and many pastors record sermons that are played in churches throughout the world.

It does a couple of unique things. It galvanizes the church, helps us remember that we are part of something bigger than our local body. It gives the local pastor a break from preaching. It is harder than you think to write a sermon on a weekly basis. The break is nice.

In the past we have heard from me and three video preachers. This year we switched things up and watched Craig's message the first week on video then used speakers from Catalyst for the last two weeks.

The theme for this year is "Unstoppable". The church is unstoppable when...
  • Jerome Keehn spoke on on how the church is unstoppable when... we surrender in gratitude for God's mercy at work in our lives. He told his story of being an unchurched teenager that was greatly impacted by a grandmotherly figure, Momma Sue, that he met while visiting his father during the summer following his freshmen year of high school.
Yesterday, Jonathan Sprang, (aka... Sprang) spoke about how God has created us to be creative or co-creators with God and that the church becomes unstoppable when we are creative in our attempts to engage folks with God's work in our life.

I don't ever formally critique Sprang's message, we generally talk about it casually and move on down the road. I felt Sprang did a great job yesterday from start to finish. The main thing that stood out to me was that it was vintage Sprang. It was not Sprang trying to communicate like anyone else. Here are a few reasons why:
  • We got a glimpse into his life.
  • We learned that he is a audio/video geek. Who gets a set of Bluray DVDs and puts them on the shelf for 6 months because they want to watch them in 1080p?
  • We learned that he has been a video game addict for over two decades. Who in the world makes their own soundtracks to video games?
  • His humor was vintage Sprang. I have worked and hung out with Sprang for over seven years now and yesterday was the first time we got a good dose of his style humor. It is often very subtle and borders on corny, "Adam, you are THE man. Seriously you are the man." Akward Pause, hand gestures to help us get the joke, delayed laughter because it was very subtle.
  • It was great. Beyond these things the content was strong. I have often told him that he is the creative one on our team.
  • Throughout our talks leading up to the sermon I realized that I am incredibly creative, but I am not artistic at all. I have always assumed that because I am not artistic (sing, draw, paint, poetry, sculpt) that I am not creative. Yesterday was a kick in the pants for me. I have been doing God a disservice by ever uttering the words, "I am not creative". I am created in the very image of our Creator God and he is inviting me to join him in His ongoing creation.
Loved the music yesterday as well. The opening groove tune was sweetness, and I am loving the Rock Anthem, Kingdom right now. There is this part at the end when we shout " I am, You are, We are the Kingdom". Love hearing God's people utter these words together.

Headed to Burger Island for a burger and demolished the burger but barely ate the tots. Very weird for me. Started counting calories about a week ago and it has made me very mindful about what is going in my body...

Can't wait for my family to return from Florida... The house is WAY too quiet.

I am rambling now... Peace Out!

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