Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Crazy Idea Comes to Life...

I get lots of crazy ideas, just ask my wife. During a teaching series at church called, "We are Forgiven", we gave time at the end of each service for people to respond through writing or drawing on a prepared piece of paper.

We kept encouraging them to pin them to a couple off panels we had set up in the worship area and I kept saying, "When you are vulnerable enough to share a part of your story, it get joined with others' story, becomes something bigger, gets joined with God's story, and can impact the lives of people."

As we read through the stuff that our folks had posted, I got this idea to scan about 100 of them and create a coffee table book that we could sell at cost and share our story.

WE DID IT! Actually Heather did it mostly. Now the book can be set out so that family and friends can peruse it and see what God is up to in the life of Catalyst Church.

I got an email yesterday that I want to share with you regarding this book. A family in our church bought several and sent them to family. Here is an email from the mother of one of our Catalyst ladies:

"Hope you are having a great Fourth of July and hope you have the day off tomorrow. We are really enjoying the book - I am showing it to everybody that comes by.

Remember I was telling you that our house painter had gone into the ministry (Baptist, I think). . . well, I showed him the book last week when he came to finish up. He loves the book and told me to tell Brother Levi he is doing a great job!!! He wants to take the book home for a while so he can read the whole thing. He says there is a lot he can do with it. He is co-pastor for a little country church and has about 40 members.

I would like to buy a copy for him - Is that possible?"

How crazy is it that our story is impacting people on the East Coast? I love it when we respond in obedience, take a step of faith, and see God use us in the lives of people we may never meet!

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April said...

My favorite part is the "Brother Levi." :)