Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sunday Recap...

Sunday was a good day at Catalyst. I am always nervous during the summer that one Sunday it will simply be me and the band with so many people gone on vacation.

We are on the tail end of a series called "What Up With That?" We are looking at some biblical concepts/passages that are either misused, misunderstood, or complicated. It all started last year when I was teaching a passage from James 2 and included in the passage is a verse that seems to say that we are saved by what we do, not on faith alone.

The thrust of my message last year did not have room to explain the complicated verse. I promised that I would come back to the verse and spend an entire sermon explaining the apparent contradiction.

We spent time looking at a lot of scripture this weekend and had fun explaining the scripture in question (James 2:24)

The music was solid although we sang one song that did not ring my bell. I'm glad it is not all about me and my music preferences. When we sing songs that I don't like it helps to remind me of folks that attend Catalyst regularly that aren't completely fans of our music.

We ended the worship time by asking our people to gather around Brendan, our youth intern, to pray for him as he heads back to college. It was really an incredible time and was moving for quite a few people. It was almost like a family sending off a son. We prayed for God to bless him, use him, and confirm his call to ministry over the next few years.

A big group from church headed to Baker's Ribs for lunch (they did not have ribs???). The food was good and there was lots of laughter. I am so glad for friends that serve as family for Heather, the kids and I as we are so far away from our families.

I went for my weekly trail ride with my buddy Blain and new friend Scott around 2:30. The temp was near 100 with a heat index of 105. It was HOT! I have learned to fill my hydration pack with ice so the water stays cool during the ride. We stopped several times to rest because of the heat.

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