Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sunday Recap...

  • Pretty good day all and all.
  • I was not aware that it was "Catalyst Skip Day". I was expecting a good crowd as school has started back and we had what I believe is our lowest attendance of the year. The vibe of the room is completely different when it is half full.
  • Music was solid.
  • The C-group promo video was beyond awesome. Pumps me up to know that these groups ARE making a difference in the lives of our people. Thank-you Erik and Wendi for sharing your hearts.
  • Shared about how a Spirit filled life is a call to live "abnormally".
  • We looked at what it means to be normal as a church in America. Unfortunately most churches are in decline, failing to reach the community, and are more comfortable hanging out with themselves.
  • I know it may have come across a bit negative, but I guess that goes with the territory when calling Catalyst to be abnormal.
  • I want a church full of people willing to do whatever it takes to be used by the Spirit of God even if it costs us careers and defies common sense.
  • I talked too long!
  • Found out that a lady that has only been coming 4 weeks has BROUGHT (not invited), four other families.
  • One of the ladies she brought a few weeks ago brought somebody with her. I LOVE IT!
  • I am so excited about the month of Sept. and all the ways that Catalyst is reaching out to the community throughout the month.
  • Rode the Mtn. Bike after taking several Advil Pills. Had a great ride but the wrist was crazy sore later.

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