Monday, November 29, 2010

My Android Tablet Video Review

I pulled the trigger and bought one from a guy in Canada. He has them drop shipped from China and his online rep is phenomenal. Think I paid $213 shipped. He calls it a HYPE Pad and it has an 800mhz processor, 256mb RAM, 2gb internal, 2 full usb ports, 2 micro sd ports (32gb each max), & hdmi out port.

Lots of ports and insanely easy to root (hack). It is literally as easy as downloading a free app and pressing a button. It comes preloaded with working Android Market and YouTube.

Link to the seller I used. His name is James and he has a great reputation on the forums as a small business seller.

Sorry for the rambling, sniffing & heavy breathing at the beginning, my nose is completely stopped up.

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