Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sunday Recap...

Here are my random thoughts about Sunday...
  • It was a lot of fun from start to finish...
  • There was a lot of energy at Catalyst, a great "buzz" if you will
  • We were beyond parking capacity for the first time in a long time.
  • I am very pleased with the decision to move back to one service for the time being. We tried two services and it simply did not work for us. We always had room for the people, just not the parking. We will deal with the parking issues and slam the building with people.
  • I heard that our 2-3 yr old teachers were wiped out. They had 9 2-3 yr olds in the class. I love it.
  • Music was rockin'. After 6 weeks of acoustic sets, the band came out roaring...
  • Felt good about the message. Not an easy one, but was reminded that I am to show people what God is up to in scripture and sometimes that means our encounters with Jesus and his teachings leave us feeling uncomfortable.
  • I did not make application in the sense that I did not tell our people how to live it out... I trust that God can do that.
  • Our church (Catalyst peeps, spearheaded by Pam Moriarty) held a pot luck lunch to honor us as pastors (Sprang and I).
  • It was awesome to see that most people who attended the service were at the lunch too. The food was incredible and there was tons leftover.
  • The church took a behind the scenes love offering and gave each of us a check.
  • For the record, a check is exactly what we prefer. I use the extra money to buy some of the luxury items I can't buy without it.
  • This is tons better than getting gift cards to various restaurants, or taking a stab at a gift for us. I know it might sound selfish, but I would rather be able to bank the money and get a big ticket item than eat at four or five restaurants. Just sayin'...
  • I did miss my weekly mtn. bike ride with buddy Blain because I had to ref two soccer games Sun. evening. The first was a U-16 boys championship game. It was tense for the entire 90 minutes (80 regulation and 10 overtime minutes). I issued 5 yellow cards and ran the entire game. It was 50 degrees and at the end of the game I was wringing sweat out of my hat.
  • Came home after the games and watched the Cowboys get pummeled... there were no problems getting to sleep on this Sunday Night.

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