Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sunday Recap...

Another Sunday has come and gone and here are some thoughts about it...
  • I just made the realization that I work weekends. I may not be sitting at a desk doing "work" but I still work. I spend several hours going over my sermon on Saturday evenings, and usually get up before 7 on Sundays to rehearse it a couple of times.
  • I spend between 3-4 hours at the church on Sunday and preach 43+ times per year.
  • Occasionally I don't have to preach on Sunday and the weekend takes on a whole different feel. Much more relaxed, no pressure or stress about preaching on Sunday.
  • I'm not complaining. I really can't imagine doing anything else, just some random thoughts I had this weekend.
  • The service was fine, nothing earth shattering in my opinion but many times God moves powerfully in peoples' lives even if it seems like an average Sunday.
  • A highlight of the day was the dedication of Jacob Sprang. It felt like a family dedication to me. Jonathan and Meagan are like family to us and so is baby Jacob. It was an honor to help with the dedication.
  • I have to mention Sunday night in this post. There was a Community Thanksgiving service that we did a very poor job promoting. About 200 people from 10 churches gathered at First United Methodist in Rowlett for a time of worship.
  • It was incredible... people of all different backgrounds, different theological bents, different worship styles, different income levels, gathering together as ONE body. It was powerful and I regret not promoting it better at Catalyst. Our people need to see this display of unity among the churches in Rowlett.
  • I was honored to be given the opportunity to share a thought on "Unity In The Body", and related our gathering together as being similar to a family reunion.
  • I realized how blessed I am to serve alongside so many great pastor's in Rowlett. After it was over, I realized that there was never a nervous thought about what the other pastors would think of my speaking ability. These guys are so affirming and encouraging that it felt like sharing stories with family.
  • We rounded out the day with some health food from Taco Bell and put another Sunday in the books..

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runningtoe said...

Hey man... long time!

Enjoyed catching up through reading your blogs.

Don't come near Chattanooga without letting me know about it!