Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sunday Recap

I apologize if this ends up looking really weird. I am blogging from my Android Tablet, which I am still loving. It is no Ipad but I could buy three or four of these for the price of a middle of the line Ipad.

* Sunday was a great day on several different fronts.
* The music was great from start to finish, I loved the last song, "Not gonna leave me here" by Johnny Swim. It was a perfect end to the preaching moment.
* There were bags and bags and more bags of gifts for the children that our Catalyst folks adopted for Christmas. We had to put them in the lounge area to keep them from overtaking the lobby.
* We had 151 people at the service. There is simply a great energy in the room when it is packed out.
* Sprang preached and did a great job. I honestly think it was the best he has ever preached at Catalyst because he was dealt a difficult passage and had to work really hard to make it connect with our people.
* Saw several knew faces on Sunday. Love to meet new people who are experiencing Catalyst for the first time.
* Went to a big lunch at our friend's house. I think there were 5 or 6 families there. Lots of laughing for the first hour and then things took a turn.
* Heather ended up feeling very naucious and miserable. Turns out she had a bladder infection. I am very thankful to a family friend who was able to diagnose her and get her on meds on Sunday instead of having to take her to an ER.
* Thanks to Erik and Wendi Pineas, we didn't have to deal with the kids for a couple of hours when Heather was feeling the worst.
* Addy and Keegan were really quiet so that mommy could rest. We went to pick up the prescription at Walmart and they were so good they got to pick out a Dunkin Doughnut.
* The day ended with a huge group of teenage carolers from Catalyst serenading us with Christmas songs. They were surprisingly good.
* All in all it was a good day, it would have been great had Heather not felt so rotten...
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