Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sunday Recap...

Should have done this earlier in the week, but oh well...
- Sunday Morning was good...
- Spending several weeks in 1 Corinthians and it is just crazy how much their culture resembles ours.
- Music was solid as usual. Jonathan and the band always do a great job. I think sometimes I border on taking that for granted and I shouldn't. I remember some of the funniest moments in church were when people who should not be singing within 100ft of a stage were singing solos for some reason.
- Talked quite a bit about our identity. The things that we begin to wrap our lives around, money, power, positions, prestige. It is so hard to remember that our identity needs to be wrapped around Jesus.
- We ended the service with communion. What a powerful reminder of the love Christ has for us and the life he offers.
- Had a good lunch with a lot of friends. Sometimes I am wiped out after Sunday morning and would rather be at home eating a roast or asleep on a couch, but I really enjoyed the meal on Sunday. There were two different sets of Catlyst folks in the same restaurant. Probably 20 or more counting the kids. (we pastors are always counting, lol)
- Got in a good ride on Sunday afternoon, probably 10 miles or so. The coolest thing was that there were four of us riding and one was my buddy Andrew. He is working hard to lose some weight and he far exceeded my expectations on this ride. He rode all 10 miles and refused to quit, he has the heart of a lion.
- Sunday evening we had our first ever all church prayer service. It is something that Jonathan and I have both felt led to do and I will admit that I was a bit nervous.
- I was nervous that it would be just Jonathan and I there, but we had about 50 show up.
-We have a church that is probably half full of young or even pre-christians. I did not want them to shy away from this service for fear of being put on the spot or thinking they would have to sit in a corner and pray for an hour.
- We challenged them to pray silently on three different occasion, asked them to write themselves a letter with something that God has been speaking to them about lately. They addressed the letters to themselves and we will mail them a few weeks from now when they have forgotten about writing them.
- The most powerful time came a the end when I would name off a request and ask someone in the crowd to pray out loud for the need. It was unbelievable..
- one lady who has cancer was praying for the healing of another person, a young man whose kidneys may be failing. She was praying that God would heal him, even though he has not brought her healing from cancer. I thought I was going to lose it.
- another lady that prayed for a woman sitting on the same row that requested prayer for strength in her walk with God. It was amazing that the pray-er was praying because less than two years ago, she graciously attended our grand opening but let us know that they would not be attending the church on a regular basis. Now she is working with our teens and praying at a prayer service.
- we were about to pray for one of our ladies to find employment, but she interjected that she just found out that she got a six month extension and that she would not be out of a job at the end of the month. So we prayed and thanked God for his provision.
- I was moved and can't wait until our next prayer service rolls around.
- God was with us and at the end of the day that is all that matters.

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