Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dang Rasin Bran!

My wife, Heather, is a crazy coupon-er. When the sale ads and coupons align properly she will go to the store armed with a binder full of coupons and the ad papers just in case the unsuspecting cashier would have the audacity to challenge one of her "deals". As a result we end up with lots of the same thing. She will come home with tons of razors or shampoo,or deoderant, or RASIN BRAN.

Just last week I told her I was tired of eating Rasin Bran. I told her it was an old person cereal and that my internal plumbing works just fine. Last night I opened one of the boxes and was preparing to pour an evening snack when a little green sticker in side the box grabbed my attention by declaring that YOU WON! There was the word Kinect right under the You Won.

I was pumped so I picked up the phone to let Heather know that one of the 17 boxes of Rasin Bran was a winner. Wooo Hoo! Can you believe it? WOW! I was fist pumping and chest bumping my reflection in the mirror as the dog was the only other non-sleeping life form in the house.

The Michael Jordan like celebrations came to a screeching halt after 10 minutes. That is when a closer look at the sticker revealed that my "winning" code may not have won a Kinect. The fine print stated that I had won one of the following:
- Kinect, and X-box gaming system.
- Xbox game
- Xbox live points.

I knew before I entered the code that I had won points. Wup-dee-freakin'-doo. Xbox points so I can "buy" stuff from them. Points, really? Just what I always wanted to win, some points. Maybe a dog that points is a good prize, but points by themselves don't really qualify as "winning" anything in my book.

I really think they should make the sticker say, "You Won a decent prize, don't get too excited, but hey it's better than not winning anything right?"

That way you would still feel like you won something and not so much like the experience was an epic fail. It would also keep you from making a complete fool of yourself with the 1000+ Facebook friends that you so eagerly share this type of news with.

Yes, I did post a picture of my winning sticker on Facebook declaring I had won a Kinect.

Yes, I put another post up declaring that I had won "points", not a Kinect as previously stated.

Yes, my wife and friends made fun of me. Much deservedly I might add.

Yes, I am back to thinking that we have way too much DANG RASIN BRAN!

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April said...

It's on sale again this week at Tom Thumb, btw :)