Friday, February 4, 2011

Magic Jack Nightmare...

After nearly four hours of "chat" support with Magic Jack, I thought a few of you might enjoy the transcript of the third customer service rep I dealt with tonight. I tried to be nice...

Please wait for a site operator to respond.

You are now chatting with 'Reed'

Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK43609023515X

Reed: Hello, how may I help you?

Heather Lowry: I have been on chat for almost three hours with you guys

Reed: Please hold while I am reviewing your previous chats so that I can assist you better. Thank you

Heather Lowry: I am beyond frustrated

Heather Lowry: LTK43609012473X

Heather Lowry: that is the one before last

Heather Lowry: I want to get somebody on with me that is helping ONLY me

Heather Lowry: I am tired of waiting between steps

Reed: Thank you patiently waiting.

Reed: I am transferring you to one of our top 10% agents as rated by our customers. Please hold while I transfer you.

Heather Lowry: I am very tech savy and have wasted nearly three hours of my life that I will never get back

Please wait while I transfer the chat to the best suited site operator.

You are now chatting with 'Cherry'

Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK43609023515X

Cherry: Hello Heather. My name is Cherry. To better assist you, let me put you on hold while I read your previous chat/s. Thank you.

Heather Lowry: do you have phone support

Heather Lowry: I am tired of doing this over chat

Heather Lowry: I have reset my dumb router and plugged and unplugged this magic jack a dozen time

Heather Lowry: I have downloaded up grades

Heather Lowry: gone into ip config

Heather Lowry: messed with the firewall

Heather Lowry: I am wasting my Friday night on this issue

Heather Lowry: after all of that, I can't even get a dial tone at this point

Heather Lowry: the problem is worse than when I started

Cherry: Would you like to have a new device?

Heather Lowry: yes, and I would like it shipped fast and free please

Cherry: Yes, the repalcement device is free of charged. You don't need to pay the $39.95.

Cherry: You will only pay the shipping and handling fee for $9.95

Heather Lowry: no, I want it shipped free

Cherry: We can't waive the shipping and handling since it is on the USPS company.

Heather Lowry: it is not my fault that the device does not work

Heather Lowry: I want to speak to your supervisor

Cherry: Okay.

Cherry: We will continue to trouble shoot your magicjack device.

Cherry: Is your telephone connected to your home outlet?

Heather Lowry: no

Heather Lowry: i have no home telephone service

Cherry: Where did you plug your telephone?

Heather Lowry: to the magic jack

Cherry: Okay.

Cherry: Okay.

Heather Lowry: Cherry, this is moving too slowly, can I get your manager to help please

Cherry: We'll install the most up-to-date DivX software so your computer will have that. Are you ready?

Heather Lowry: yes


Cherry: Click the link (or button) that says FREE Download DivX for Windows. Your browser may prompt you to RUN or OPEN the file at this point.

Cherry: Follow the step-by-step Installation Wizard.

Heather Lowry: installing now

Cherry: Okay.

Heather Lowry: done

Heather Lowry: got the latest divX installed

Cherry: Unplug your magicjack and plug after 2 minutes.

Heather Lowry: ok

Cherry: Thanks.

Heather Lowry: plugged back in

Cherry: Please click the link to download and run the magicJack upgrade:


Cherry: Please run the upgrade again.

Heather Lowry: I am running it, but I have already done this twice tonight

Heather Lowry: This is begining to feel a lot like the movie Groundhog day with Bill Murray

Cherry: Thank you for running the magicjack upgrade again.

Heather Lowry: It has run and the dial pad is open again

Cherry: Try to place a call.

Heather Lowry: placed call to cell phone on other end of the house and the other party could not hear me

Cherry: Have you tried using another telephone?

Heather Lowry: no, this is the only phone I have

Heather Lowry: and it works

Cherry: Are you using a router?

Heather Lowry: Cherry, you are the third person I have been on with tonight. Honestly, you should be able to see that I have a router as I have been asked by another rep to log into my router

Heather Lowry: I have been there and done that

Heather Lowry: I want a supervisor

Heather Lowry: Over three hours wasted on this now

Cherry: We'll try bypassing the router to check if it is causing the problem.

Heather Lowry: I have already told you guys that I am on a desktop and don't have a cord long enough to do that

Cherry: Please try to use another telephone s

Heather Lowry: I do NOT own another telephone.

Heather Lowry: Send me another magic jack

Heather Lowry: shipped free

Heather Lowry: even if I had a cord long enough to reach my computer, I would get disconnected from you in the process and get my 4th customer service rep of the night

Heather Lowry: then they would ask me to do all the same stuff you have, and the person before you, and the person before you

Heather Lowry: I coudl download the update a few more time

Heather Lowry: log into my router

Heather Lowry: answer the same questions

Cherry: We can send you a new device for free and you will only the shipping and handling fee

Heather Lowry: NO!

Heather Lowry: I want it shipped free and if you can't do that, put me on with somebody that can

Heather Lowry: I am not investing any more money in your product, even in the form of shipping and handleing

Cherry: We can shipped it for free and you will pay the magicjack device.

Heather Lowry: Cherry, how many times must I ask to be moved to your boss or manager?

Cherry: I'm sorry Heather but I can't transfer you, you will get the same response.

Heather Lowry: this is a joke

Cherry: We will reset your device manager drivers.

Cherry: Are you ready?

Heather Lowry: Cherry, I have already done that

Heather Lowry: There is no point in doing it again

Cherry: We will try it again Heather.

Heather Lowry: Is this what you do, you just ignore your customer's request to speak to a manager and force the issue?

Heather Lowry: You have us repeat the same procedures over and over until we finally tell you that we have had enough and quit?

Heather Lowry: If so, then you win. Because I am done dealing with you. I am sorry that you have chosen to work for such a worthless company that treats it's paying customers with such a lack of respect.

Heather Lowry: I refuse to keep repeating the same stuff over and over and over

Heather Lowry: I want a manager

Heather Lowry: a supervisor

Heather Lowry: the next level employee

Heather Lowry: someone that will not make me pay shipping for force me to keep repeating the same crap

Cherry: I am the last person Heather.

Heather Lowry: What does that mean exactly?

Heather Lowry: You are the top customer service rep?

Heather Lowry: The top manager?

Heather Lowry: How about somebody gives me a call on my cell phone

Cherry: Yes Heather.

Heather Lowry: I am sure you are laughing as you type this. Because I am.

Heather Lowry: You are the top customer service rep and you can't waive a $9.99 shipping fee for a publicly traded company

Cherry: The best offer I can give you is the replacement device for free of charged and you don't want it.

Cherry: I;m sorry but we can't waive the shipping and handling fee

Heather Lowry: I do want it, waive the shipping.

Heather Lowry: Sure you can

Heather Lowry: you just won't.

Cherry: The shipping is not on magicajck is on the USPS

Heather Lowry: Magicjack pays USPS and Magicjack can find $9.99 somewhere to pay for the shipping

Cherry: I'm sorry but we can't.

Cherry: You may chat us back and talk to a different representative or supervisor you would still be getting the same response

Heather Lowry: Ok Cherry, I would like you to give me a phone number so that I can speak with someone

Heather Lowry: in person please...

Cherry: I will be right with you.

Cherry: We only offer chat support.

Heather Lowry: You guys are a tenacious bunch that does not appear to care much about your customers. At this point I am tired of wasting my time as you guys can't fix the problem and won't send a replacement completely free of charge.

Heather Lowry: I hope you have a good evening, morning, day, or whatever time it is wherever you are and that you get a good chuckle out of this crazy customer named Heather.

Heather Lowry: Good night!

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