Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sunday Recap...

- Sunday was a great Day!
- Saw lots of new faces including a couple that I played kickball for 50 hours with last Spring.
- I love seeing new faces at Catalyst.
- Some of the tough feedback that I have received is that some new people don't feel really welcome because people don't come up and speak to them.
- We are going to institute a meet and greet in the service to remedy this problem.
- I honestly think that there are several facets to this problem.
- Most new people come in after the service has started and bolt for the door rather quickly when the service is finished.
- A lot of our people are fairly new themselves and don't want to look like fools if they greet someone that is not a new guest.
- The music was solid as usual. The coolest thing for me was that nobody except Jonathan had played the week before. We had a different, electric guitar, bass, drummer, and background vocalist.
- How cool that we are 2 & 3 deep in our musician pool at most places.
- We introduced Sprang as our new youth pastor. He will primarily plan and execute the Sunday night gathering for teens that begins the last Sunday of this month. I am excited to see what his leadership brings to this team of already awesome volunteers.
- Our children's coordinator, Blain Norfleet has been gone for the last two weeks due to work and family stuff. It is always weird for me when he isn't there, but it is so cool that his team knocked it out of the park while he has been gone. I love his leadership with our kids at Catalyst.
- We read Psalm 27 during the service and I heard somebody ask Heather what scripture that was. They made the commment that it was a "kick a$$" scripture. I love that about Catalyat.
- I got quite a reaction for using the term "S.O.B." in my sermon. I was talking about being honest and said that, "Levi living on his own terms can be a mean SOB." It is very true and I have not gotten any nasty emails about it.
- To be clear I said, "SOB" not son of a bitch.
- Loved eating with a big crew from Catalyst at Fuzzy's Tacos. Love their chicken sandwich.
- Went to Samuel Holder's house for a super bowl party. They just moved into an awesome new house that would be perfect for a killer game of hide and go seek.
- Hung with the Callahan's (live less than a quarter mile from the Holder Family) for the second half of the game.
- Went to bed feeling incredibly blessed for the friends Heather and I have in TX and for what God is doing through Catalyst (the people not the building).

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