Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Life Update.

To say that I have taken a "break" from blogging would be an understatement. I haven't felt like I had anything to say, so nothing was forthcoming.

For a period of time I was worrying/wondering how many people were reading what I had to say and how many hits I was getting each month. It became more of a distraction and and ego trip than a healthy way to communicate, so I pulled the plug so to speak.

So what has happened since February?
  • The temperature has risen about 438 degrees. It is seriously hot in Dallas this summer. So hot, in fact, that it almost feels oppressive at times. Last night at 10:30 it was still hovering around 100.
  • My daughter finished Kindergarten without having her color changed (behavior incentive) the entire year. She is such a blessing.
  • Heather has begun selling Scentsy and working for myblingflings.com. I love that she is willing to work side jobs to provide some financial stability for us.
  • I have continued to mountain bike. In fact I have ridden more new trails in Dallas, took my mike to Alabama and rode when visiting my parents, and have a biking adventure booked in September for Moab, UT.
  • Catalyst has continued to grow. We continue to see new faces and lives changed. I feel incredibly grateful to pastor these great people.
  • Both of my kids are swimming at age 4 and 6. I am so proud of them. Each has jumped off the diving board and ridden water slides this summer. Next summer we will work on roller coasters.
  • We have started eating healthier. Less processed foods, more whole foods. I did really well for a while and fell off the wagon a couple of weeks ago when we went to my parents for vacation. I am slowly crawling back on the wagon. I feel so much better when I eat stuff that can be shot, grown, or caught!
  • Heather recently bought a mountain bike. We have decided that I am probably not the best one to teach her how to ride it, but I am excited that we may be riding together very soon.
  • All in all things are going well and I am grateful for the life I lead.

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