Friday, July 6, 2012

Hobo_Nick T-shirt Sale (IS OVER)

This is how this works..
  • Shirts will be $20 shipped ($23 for XXL).  $15 ($18 XXL) for Dallas area pick-up (in Rowlett)
  • Actual cost will be $10
  • Shipping will be about $5
  • $5 proceed will go to local homeless folks in the form of a $5 McDonalds giftcard. (We will take pics and post them on twitter as we hand out each card)
  • Are you profiting from this?  No, not one dime will stay in my pocket.
  • Why do this? Raise awareness of Nick and his journey as well as helping local hobos.
  • Isn't that phrase disrespectful? Nope, Nick made that statement both times I met him.  It is uniquely Nick, and it is probably true (ha ha).  Nick likes it and we are rolling with it. 
  • How long will it be before I get my shirt? We will sell them for seven days, it should take about two weeks after that (maybe sooner).
  • Are you gonna take my money and run?  Nope, all transactions will be done through PayPal so that you can feel safe about the transaction. 

Click the drop down box below to select your size and then click "Buy Now" button. (I have no idea why there is a gap between this text and the menu box).

 ***Please note that we will add the hashtag #coastocoast below @hobo_nick as that is what he tags most***

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