Friday, July 6, 2012

Hobo_Nick Update!

Well... This is the result of my McDonald's interview with Nick.  Jonathan Sprang did a killer job on the editing and did it all in the front seat of a minivan while we did a road trip to Austin a week ago today. 

We showed this at church last Sunday.  I was talking about "giving" our time, talents, and resources and I'm pretty sure that this 13 minutes was as meaningful as anything I said before or after it.

We have continued to keep in touch with Nick via Twitter and email and are even kicking around the idea of selling a t-shirt with a funny phrase he said in the video about "smelling like donkey turds".   All profits would be given to local hobos in the form of $5 giftcards.

 He is doing well on his trip and posted today that he is at the halfway point of his coast to coast trek.  The folks in TX seem to be taking good care of him as he has plenty of water, a sweet hobo cart, and even some new shoes that someone got him. 

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